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Supporting the Vision

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Spreading the Vision: Planting Seeds

Being rooted in God is a journey to know Him intimately, but it extends beyond knowledge into all areas of life. Living passionately for God requires steadfast devotion and development. Then our commitment to God reaches out in service to share the Gospel and the love of Christ.

Nicole Michelle earned an associate's degree in education from Liberty University. Nicole's passion is presented through teaching, mentoring, singing, acting, collaborating, and writing. All of these activities promote the passion of God for relationships with people that they would find purpose and destiny in Him. Then, they, too, would reach out, using their gifts, to further the kingdom of God on this earth.

How You Can Help!

You can be a part of what God is doing through this ministry! Ministry is a great cost, whether publishing books, producing albums, traveling, or providing support for students, financial support is needed.

Partner with us as we seek to plant seeds of salvation and nourish existing seeds with passion and hope through devotionals, books, music, and education in both God's Word and the Arts in the community and abroad.


With your monthly support, this ministry can grow and expand to impact lives for the glory of Christ. 

One Time Gift

Your one time gift is also appreciated!

Every seed contains potential inside. Give as God leads you. We will be sure to continue to labor for the kingdom that all His purposes will be fulfilled for this ministry.

You will surely be blessed for making an investment in the lives of many who are impacted through this ministry!

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Nicole Michelle Aponte

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