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about Nicole Michelle:

Nicole Michelle Aponte is an award-winning recording artist, singer-songwriter, author, and actress. Her music career spans from performing at the White House to recording with Grammy award-winning music professionals.


Her first album I am Yours earned her the 2011 Urban Inspirational Award for Best Contemporary Artist and Best International Artist for 2012. Her second album Roots Sink Deep is OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE BELOW for immediate download! Contact us if you'd like to order a physical CD.


Nicole's warm, smooth vocals and profound lyrics are provoking and inspiring. Each song takes the listener on an uplifting journey of the soul. 


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     Urban Inspirational Awards
      2011 Best Contemporary Artist
        2012 Best International Artist

SONGS for the SOUL




Roots Sink Deep is a collection of songs for the soul.


It's for the listener whose soul is broken, searching, thirsty, and hungry to be filled, comforted, and stilled in God's presence, peace, and love.


With lyrics rooted in the Gospel, it guides the listener to press into God during life's most challenging seasons and most difficult storms.


Roots Sink Deep was recorded in Austin, Texas by Grammy-award winning musicians and producers. 



 15  AUG

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Face to Face: Pursuing        Intimacy 
with God  
14 Day Journey

"My book Face to Face was written out a time of prayer, fasting, and seeking the Lord consistently with the purpose of drawing closer to Him than I ever had before.


The book was not my intent when I began my fast, rather the book was birthed out of that special time alone with the Lord.


 The Word, worship, and prayer were the

avenues traveled during this journey to God's heart." 


Face to Face: Pursuing Intimacy with God is available on Amazon at the following link:



































Nicole Michelle Aponte

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